Organising Committee

Dubai Schools Games Organising Committee

Dubai Schools Games Steering Committee Announced

For the first time ever all private schools in Dubai have the opportunity to compete against one another in the Dubai Schools Games, an initiative launched by the Dubai Sports Council in consultation with the KHDA. The launch of the schools games sees a safe “Opt-In” return to school sports and to promote physical and mental health and well-being for all.

A set of robust protocols will be in place, which are designed for student participation in training and competitive sports and include measures which will be implemented in addition to the standard protocols as it is our priority for a safe return to sport.

An Organising committee, comprising of various school curricula, has been appointed to provide equal opportunity across the education spectrum and create an inclusive playing field for all participants. This committee will also ensure that all elements of the Games are in line with the technical delivery and vision of the sporting community. The committee consists of a steering committee and a sports committee that will divided in to two, an individual sports committee and a team sports committee.

Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee is a group of five board members who will oversee and support the running of Dubai Schools Games to increase schools’ participation in an organised and safe manner.