1. How to participate in a sport?

  • For registration, kindly contact your child’s P.E. teacher. Registration will be done by the school as a whole and not individually.
2. How much will it cost for the students to participate in each sport?

  • Participation is free of cost.
3. What safety precautions will be placed to curb the spread of COVID-19?

  • Maintaining health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Conditions to protect students and staff include:
    • Testing all school staff before schools reopen
    • Screening all students and staff for temperature at entry point to the school
    • Maintaining physical distance guidelines as recommended by the relevant health authorities.
    • Sterilising the premises, field, pitch or court and other facilities regularly.
    • Ensuring that support & maintenance service staff do not enter the school when students and staff are present
    • Appointing a trained health and safety official to ensure that people and processes in the school comply with health and safety protocol.
4. What if someone tests positive?

  • Schools must report any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case to a dedicated Dubai Health Authority helpline by calling 800432 or emailing schoolnotify@dha.gov.ae and follow relevant protocols.
5. Can I resume playing after my holiday abroad?

  • All students and staff must declare recent travel history by completing the DHA form online: https://www.dha.gov.ae/en/Pages/coronaregistration.aspx
  • Schools will keep these declarations on file.
  • All students and staff who have returned from travel abroad require a negative PCR test with a 48-hour validity, in order to resume playing for any of the games.
  • If students do not have a negative PCR test result with a 48-hour validity, they will not be allowed into the venue for 14 days after their return.
  • Students who would like to resume playing for the games, will have to provide a negative PCR test with a 48-hour validity.
    • Please note that PCR test results are valid for 48 hours only from the date of result. The PCR test may be done at a Dubai airport or an approved DHA testing facility within the Emirate. Please follow up on the social media channels of DHA for the latest updates on testing centers and other COVID-19 related information.
6. A member of our household has tested positive for COVID-19. Can I still send my child for the games?

  • If someone in your household has Covid-19, or is suspected of having Covid-19, you must protect your community and notify your child’s school. Do not send your child for any game/match. Dubai Health Authority will advise you on how to keep yourself and others safe during this time.
7. Will there be transportation provided for the students?

  • For any event taking place during the school hours, STS busses will be used for transportation.
  • Buses will be able to operate at 100% capacity and must also comply with health and safety protocols. These include:
    • Taking the temperatures of all passengers boarding the bus.
    • Keeping windows open as much as possible.
    • Disinfecting handles, rails and other frequently used areas of the bus.
  • Any events held after school hours or over the weekend, there will be no transportation. Parents will have to drop and pick their children to/from the venue.
8. Can the parents attend the games?

  • Spectators will be limited at those venues which can accommodate them with respect to the Dubai Sports Council and DHA rules. However, all the games will be livestreamed on our website/social media.
9. What if my child has a medical condition?

  • Kindly inform his/her PE teacher while registering for participation. This will give the P.E. teacher and the event organisers enough time to be prepared for any accident.
10. Where will the games be conducted?

  • Each sport will be conducted at a separate venue. The location and timing will be conveyed to your child’s P.E. teacher.
11. Will the players be provided with food and water?

  • No, there will be no food or water provided at any venue. We highly recommend sending plenty of water with your child.
12. How will I know which day my child is playing?

  • The dates and schedule will be informed to the P.E. teachers from all the participating schools.
13. How long will each event/game be?

  • The timing for each sport and age group will vary and will be informed to the school with the schedule.
14. What should my child carry with them?

  • We suggest having your child carry plenty of water, extra masks and sanitiser.
15. What is my child gets injured while playing? Is there a first aid kit and/or medic at the venue?

  • There will be a school nurse at each venue with all the required first-aid equipment.
16. If the game is conducted during school hours, what about the schoolwork?

  • All games or matches will be conducted after school hours.
17. What if my child is participating in 2 sports that are taking place at the same time?

  • We will make sure that no 2 events are taking place on the same day.
18. I am a parent and I have a question that is not listed here. Who can I contact to clarify?

  • You can contact your child’s school for any further information regarding the games.
19. For Determination Games: Can nannies or Learning Support Assistant (LSA) accompany my child for the event?

  • All protocols applying to school staff – such as wearing PPE and testing negative for Covid-19 - will also apply to nannies.
20. Can students of determination be exempt from wearing masks?

  • Item 44 of the ‘Protocols for re-opening private schools in Dubai’ states that students can be exempt from wearing a face mask if they have been issued a medical certificate stating this.
21. What are the protocols that must be followed by the helpers?

  • The helpers who will accompanying the students in the venue will have to in PPE kit and will have to present a negative COVID-19 test result.
22. Are Learning Support Assistants allowed to be in close proximity to their students to help them with their needs?

  • LSA staff can support students, as long as all personal protective equipment (PPE) are used to protect both the students and the LSA.